Thursday, June 30, 2016

Met Life is a disreputable insurance company...

So, we had three total claims in twelve years against our Home Owners Insurance. The first one was for $4000, a neighbors tree fell on our roof. We weren't even under Metlife at that point. The two claims that caused MetLife to summarily "nonrenew" were: 1.... $6800 for water damage due to two burst pipes.......the plumber's joints failed and it leaked into the ceiling below. 2.... $9000 Barbara had all her jewelry stolen while we were on holiday. The thief damaged the floor in our living room too. The house was fully double-locked during our vacation. We also have our Car Insurance through them: in the last 23 years we have had exactly one claim on that, for $1000. For these two, routine House claims, Metlife, the disreputable company, left us without insurance after paying the valid claims. Plus, it's difficult to get insurance from a new/different Company when you have a "nonrenew" notice. Heed this warning, and never, ever give them any business.

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