Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ecology week...

In the space for one car fit 42 Bromptons...and they are stacked just one deep. Imagine how many would fit if they were to keep stacking them to the height of the adjacent vehicles.

Monday, August 24, 2009


No idea how heavy this thing is, but it's a pretty neat concept.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maratac and ITP EOS AAA flashlights

These are maybe the two hottest little AAA flashlights right now. The one on the left is the Maratac AAA, which is made by ITP, who also make the black light on the right. Both are tiny pocket rockets, especially when run from 10440 Li-Ion cells.
Though they come from the same factory there are differences between them. My EOS has more output than the Maratac, and the EOS beam is also appreciably more concentrated (despite the EOS reflector having more pronounced Orange Peel). Reading comments at CandlePowerForums others experience the same, or opposite, so YMMV. Also, the threading is better and has a tighter tolerance on the Maratac.
I took the keyring nub off the end of my EOS today. I couldn't imagine carrying this little gem on my keyring anyway, getting it all scratched up. I can report that the anodization is very hard, and generously thick. I ended up using a dremel, a couple of grades of emery paper, then some Mothers Aluminum polish.
That little sucker gleams like a mirror now. Just have to remember never to get fingerprints on it, and to buff it regularly ;-)