Saturday, May 27, 2006

Old Goat, new coat...

Click on the pics for very high resolution images.
Decided to let a local powdercoater blast and finish my '85 Goat Candy-apple 2-stage finish. VERY happy with the results of the paint, also with all the work I put into buffing, cleaning and polishing all the parts. I just completed the rebuild, you know how it is when you can't wait to get something finished because it promises to be SO good.
So, the frame and forks are Candy-apple translucent, the bar, stem, barends, bottle cages are "Chrome" translucent. I hand polished the cranks and did my business on the thumbies (Wood and copper piping!!). All pics taken in our back yard immediately after finishing the build. Decals are repro's that I had a sign shop make for me. Wheels are a pair of WTB's that I scored on Ebay a few years ago, never used them till this build. All in all it's been a supremely satisfying experience.

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