Saturday, March 31, 2007

People NOT to do business with.

I won an auction for a new front hub on Ebay from When it came one could easily see that it wasn't new, had been laced into a wheel, and that the telltale marks of spoke pull were there for all to see.
No biggie, I wrote them an email. All I got was an automated reply stating that they never answered their email sent to them through Ebay, but to resend it through their actual site email. This I promptly did, but never heard from them.
Sooo, a month later I am attending to my general Ebay stuff and noticed I had never left feedback for that item, and that they had never left feedback for me either. So, I left them negative feedback for 2 reasons: not replying to my email, and for misrepresenting what they sold me. Closed case, or so I thought.
Until a couple of days later I got an email from Ebay saying icycles had left me negative feedback (claiming I had used defaming and negative language no less!!), and what did I want to do about it.
Simple I thought, I will just ask for it to be removed, as ebay suggested I could, as it was plainly retaliatory feedback, and unwarranted, and against the spirit of ebay's rules.
Wrong, ebay wouldn't let that happen, form email followed form email, but no satisfaction. Just left me scratching my head wondering what the point of the whole feedback system was if you couldn't really use it to express lousy service without getting slammed back.
The moral of the story: don't use ebay's feedback system. Take your frustrations out via a forum like this one instead!!! Oh, one last thing.....and don't buy anything from

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