Thursday, April 23, 2009

Puppy Linux: v4.2 "Deep Thought"

Just installed this to the hard drive of my relatively newish, though 5 years old Toughbook CF-18, after trying it out first as a "live CD".
Impressions: Fast, VERY full-featured, makes XP look so very bloated let alone Vista, and has a surprisingly slender learning curve....which is always nice for ex-Windows geeks like myself. There may be some issues with installing more complex hardware like Printers, Scanners, WebCams etc, but so far it has been almost all plug-and-play. Now, why can't Microsoft be so smart???
Get it, or read about it here Puppy Linux
Download it in a couple of minutes, burn the ISO to CD, then try it out live, before deciding whether to install it to the hard drive. Boy, the extra speed is so nice!! Did I ever mention that it is fast ;-)

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