Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Hobbit Stove setup...

A trip to my local hardware store turned up this gem of a tin, made of aluminum, originally it held mints. What intrigued me was how it seemed perfectly designed to become a miniature alcohol stove, with the tremendous advantage that it permits complete simmer control which is purely dependent on how far open the tin is.

So, this is the tin closed.

And this is the tin fully open, showing the small amount of fiberglass wick installed.

And this is the rest of the cookset: small eyedropper for 5ml of denatured alcohol, tripod for potstand, match and a small strip of emery paper for striking (much lighter than a whole book of matches), and a catfood can cookpot.
Boils a catfood cat of water in under 3 minutes. Now I need to track down a supplier of ultra-small teabags. Next up bacon and eggs.
I am working on making a functioning backpackers oven that will fit inside the cookpot.

So, here it is, at the two and a half minute mark, coming to a boil.

And finally at about three minutes the rolling boil. All achieved on two and a half tiny capfulls of yellow Heet. It continued at a rolling boil for a further minute or so till the fuel was exhausted.

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