Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rolling an edge into a blind hole in a Fancy Feast can...

Figured out how to achieve what I wanted.
Take a Fancy Feast can. Open a small hole in the bottom of the can, and "remove" the contents (I use the non-business end of a spoon). Feed to Lovie or Minnie-Moo. Wash out the can...you now have an intact FF can: the pull-ringed top is still attached to the can.
I use a Dremel and a sanding disk to smooth the edges of the hole to about seven eight's diameter, finish the edge with fine emery paper so there are no nicks or blemishes in the edge. Blemishes will start cracking if present during the next steps.
Make yourself a tool like I show. I used the stainless steel mounting hardware for a bicycle rack. You need something that's quite a bit stronger than the thin-walled aluminum can, and fairly small sectioned as you will eventually need all the probing power and clearance possible when working the can edge to vertical.
Go slowly around the edge of the can in small steps, gradually creating an edge that rolls inwards towards the top of the can. I found that about three passes worked well, in steps of 30, 60 and finally 90 degrees. Take your time, and resist the temptation to do it in just two passes (helps prevent cracks in the edge if you roll in gradually).

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