Sunday, May 20, 2012

Heirloom stove...

Refinements galore. The stove is a multi-stage stove. It can be used with the Afterburner, which reduces boil time of a pint by 30 seconds in my tests. The Afterburner can be easily removed, allowing for a more efficient fuel usage. The Simmer Cap can be placed on the stove, then the flame comes out of the side vents instead of the Center Vent. In this case the flame is much more diffuse, allowing for extended simmering, baking etc. Finally, the Simmer Ring can be slid into any desired position, during any chosen application of the stove. The Simmer Ring permits extremely fine flame control. This is by far the most sophisticated stove I have ever developed and built. In addition there are several other refinements to the design: there is a built-in primer pan (only necessary for cold weather starts). The pot support legs can be easily disassembled from the stove and slid inside the Simmer Cap Handle for transport. The edge of the stove Center Vent has been partially rolled inwards, creating a stronger edge that is less likely to deform under the 1400F heat of the flame. Complete construction is of extremely lightweight aluminum which allows for the fastest time to operating temperature. Furthermore, unlike many other stoves, this stove can be used immediately after ignition: no need to wait for the stove to "bloom". Unused fuel is easily tipped back into the fuel bottle saving precious resources.

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