Friday, February 05, 2016

Home Owner's Insurance problem...

We had to put in 2 claims in the last 18 months on our homeowners insurance. First was a burst pipe the flow from which brought down the ceiling in the basement-----$5500 or so. Second was someone breaking in, stealing Barbara's Jewelry and doing damage to the floor----$9500 or so. Met Life paid both claims, but have now cancelled our policy. We can't find any other company that'll take us--clients that have been terminated by Met Life. Further NH doesn't have a State run "FairPlan" for people such as ourselves. We had both car and Home Owners Insurance through them. Only the Home Owners got cancelled. Our total record over the last 20 years is: 1 claim for $1200 on the car, 18 years ago, the above mentioned 2 claims on the house (plus a neighbor's tree fell on our house before we had Met Life---$4400 or so). Any ideas what we can do?

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