Thursday, February 04, 2016

Large Writers/Note-Takers Wallet...

I finished making this last week. Keep in mind that I am a novice Leather-Worker, so there are several areas that could be improved, but I am happy with the end results. I wanted a way to carry a small notebook with me, and a few Credit Cards/Drivers License/small note-cards, that sort of thing. There's also just room for the odd receipt or paper slip. It has a total of three separate compartments, and the notebook is a Tops Composition: 4.5" by 3.25", 80 ruled pages. I ran tape around the edges as reinforcement. For a Pen, I can toss a Fisher Space-pen in a pocket, or attach a needlepoint Sharpie via a large Binder Clip. Note how a Binder Clip attaches and secures all the contents against loss.

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