Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Telephone # from nowhere....Bridge-related....

So, before today's session I am regaling Dan with stories about Jack Chao, specifically his penchant for always doubling after it has gone 1NT--Pass--Pass. First hand, Dan picks up something like, with them Vul: xx Kxx J7xx KQxx And of course it goes 1NT (15-17)--Pass--Pass to him. Double, says Dan, and it goes all Pass. I lead a Club, from xx (If I can find a Heart lead we even set it one more trick!!), Dummy tracks with a square-ish almost yarborough (it had the Ten-X of diamonds in it), and Declarer plays it OK for a whopping -1100. Good job I had digested Bird's book on Leads against NT, otherwise it might have been a "mere" -800 on a pedestrian diamond lead from my AQ9xx Declarer held a decent 16 count. I had a junky 14. I may have converted Dan.

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